You Want it by When?

Hamish McMinnIllustration

Great Linkedin post here which intrigues me for several reasons.

First, it’s a great illustration of non-linearity between input (time) and output.

Far more interesting to me though are the comments.  In almost every case they make sense if you know that the customer wants the picture on the left, yet nowhere was this requirement stated.  Why do so many people assume they know what the customer counts as value?  Especially given that this assumption is 50 times the time and cost of the 12 second version on the right.

In the early stages of product development, one of our priorities is to validate assumptions. Where we can use simple mockups to test ideas and iterate concepts quickly these will provide rapid feedback and help to sort the feasible from the infeasible.  How much time and cost can devote to these tests?  It should be less than the value of information yielded.