Accelerating Product Development FLOW

How can you improve product development time, cost, and quality? Flow Logic helps product development teams to improve performance by adapting practices from agile software development. We help engineering OEMs and suppliers develop kanban systems enabling cross functional teams to collaborate more effectively, manage complexity and change, reduce rework, and deliver new product programmes to ambitious time, cost and quality targets.


Adopting Agile Methods in New Product Development

The core principles are described in Donald Reinertsen’s The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development and David Anderson’s Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business.

  • Queues are the root cause of the majority of economic waste in product development
  • Start with what you do now
  • Make workflow visible
  • Focus on flow
  • Limit work in progress
  • Deliver often
  • Balance demand against throughput



Our Mission

Our mission is to help engineering and technology teams to accelerate their new product research & development so they can achieve best time to market and return on investment. We do this by helping them develop their capability using agile techniques adapted from Silicon Valley.


Getting Started

Visualise the Workflow

The first step is to make the workflow visible! So, take some sticky notes and write all of your tasks on them, one on each note. Arrange them on a wall, board, or side of the fridge in columns headed; To Do, Doing, Done. This is a kanban board!

Manage Flow

This means moving work items through the system, seeing where the blockages are, and working as a team to optimise throughput.


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“Few developers realise that queues are the single most important cause of poor product development performance.”

“If we ask the chief financial officer how much inventory we have in product development, the answer will be, ‘zero’.”

Donald G. Reinertsen

How might we help you?

Kanban start up

Need help getting started? Not sure where to begin, or how to lay good foundations?

Scoping out a pilot will help you discover how your current system is behaving and opportunities to improve performance. It also is an ideal learning environment introducing team members to visual collaboration and new ways of understanding challenges.

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Collaborate to Improve

How do you interpret what the board and the metrics are showing? How do you prioritise process improvements and measure their effectiveness?

Learning to read the board and metrics will highlight how the workflow operates as a system enabling everyone to see where it is constrained and where intervention might help. Running experiments to test ideas provides deeper understanding of how changes improve or move problems elsewhere.

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Scaling Up

So the pilot worked, the team are excited, and the business is paying attention, now what? How do you replicate your success without duplicating all the painful lessons? How do you spread the learning?

Pilot studies are usually run by early adopters willing to experiment.  They face new challenges when rolling out to wider business operations with different capacities to accommodate uncertainty and change.

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